Welcome to the links sections of my blog. Here you will find… whatever I feel like posting!

Haven Falls – Created by author Remmy Duchene, Haven Falls is an online, gay soap opera featuring quite a few m/m authors. Currently I am playing high school English teacher Aiden Parker. Come check it out and read all the fun!

Note 12/29/10: As of now, Haven Falls is no longer operating. Some of the writers from Haven Falls are looking into moving their characters elsewhere. Check back soon for more details!

Goodreads: J.J. Levesque – Come visit me at my Goodreads account. Here you can see what I’m reading and check out other authors I enjoy. While you’re there, let me know what you think about my book! I’d love to hear from you.

Twitter @jjlevesquebooks – Follow me on twitter and listen to my ramblings and occasionally useful updates.

Amazing art, great storyline, engaging characters. What more could you want? Oh, and it’s hot. Find it at Starfighter Comic.

Teahouse is a gorgeous yaoi comic about a brothel, it’s clients, and the members. The story is intriguing, the art beautiful, and the characters are complex. Also very hot. Check it out at Teahouse.


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