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An update. Gasp!

Things have been going really well over at Haven Falls. I’m having an absolute blast with the other writers, and if you haven’t done so, check it out! Haven Falls is an online soap opera for readers and writers of … Continue reading

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Book collecting

I consider myself an avid collector of books. A bit obsessive, some might say. Others think I’m not. I’m definitely compulsive. If a book looks remotely interesting, I will buy it, even if I have a feeling I will never read … Continue reading

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Ughh… I hate summer

It is way too hot today. I mean, WAY, too hot. We reached 100 degrees, it dropped a bit, and then went back up. I always feel so sick when it’s hot, so I’ve been hiding inside. Problem is, heat … Continue reading

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Dog walking

Today I did my first joint post for Haven Falls with RJ Scott. It was a blast! We had to use googledocs to do it, and let me tell you, what an interesting experience! It was like watching a ghost writer. … Continue reading

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Haven Falls

Many of us have seen or grown up watching soap operas, right? I mean, I used to watch them with my great-grandmother after I came hom from school. And occasionally I’ll sit down and watch them, though I usually only … Continue reading

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