New Book! Higher Learning

It’s officially out today! You can now get Higher Learning from Dreamspinner Press! The book is an anthology with many talented authors, and I was lucky to find myself included. You can purchase it as both an ebook and print!

Enter the hallowed halls of higher learning, where there’s a lot more to life, sex, and love than what these men can get out of a book. They’ll give English a slip of the tongue, practice their Interpersonal Communication skills, and learn about the birds and the bees in Biology. Join them as they see why flexibility is important in Phys Ed, figure the odds of finding the perfect mate in Statistics, flirt and woo each other with poetry in Literature,and discover why Chemistry is a double entendre.

The book can be purchased as an ebook here or for the print copy, here. This is the first time one of my works is featured in print, and I’m thrilled!

Isn’t the cover art just delicious? I didn’t get to see it this time until the very end. With my previous story, it was the artwork that inspired it. This time I went just with an idea that hit me based on the theme for the anthology.

I would love to hear what you think if you get a copy of the book! My short, Literature and Lust follows two English students and their adventures -or should it be misadventures? – in a library.

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