Review: A Rose is a Rose by Jet Mykles

I really enjoyed this story. I like most of what Jet Mykles writes and this was no exception, though it has been some time since I have read something by the author. The story touches on the issue of growing up and taking care of yourself. It’s something that most people go through (and I say most because there are some people out there, and I know a few, that never grow up and learn to fend for themselves) and though Carson takes longer than most to go through it, he finds that he has to. He starts to change when he realizes he cares about Eddie and has to take care of himself in order to be with him. Carson even takes a step back and looks at his life before making any commitments, and it is something that does take time.

Carson may have been immature in the beginning, loving his pretty things and wanting someone to take care of him and his expensive habits, but in the end he learned that love is more important. While it would have been nice to see something from Eddie’s point of view, I’m not sure the story would have made as much of an impact as it did on me. The story is about Carson and Eddie, but mostly it is about Carson growing up into a self-sufficient, selfless man.

You can purchase A Rose is a Rose by Jet Mykles here on Amazon.

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